Wednesday, March 2, 2011


  • The main species of fauna found here is the endangered Black Buck, the state animal of Andhra Pradesh. 
  • There are over 400 black bucks (Amtelope Cervicapara), about 500 Cheetals and large herds of wild boar. 
  • Common animals seen here are monitor lizards, mongooses, porcupines besides a variety of snakes. Several species of birds like Partridges, Quails, peacocks, Doves, pond herons, egrets, kingfishers, cormorants and birds of prey like kites, vultures etc are found here. 
  • A variety of migratory birds of over 80 species can also be seen round the year. Short-toed Eagle is another rare species nesting in this area.

  • There are rest sheds and observation towers for viewing the animals inside the park.The park is open every day of the week except Mondays from 9.a.m. to 5 p.m.
  •  The forest Department offers audio-visual education on nature and wildlife and is supported by a good nature library. 
  • There is an exhibition hall displaying exhibits explaining intricate problems of wildlife conservation. 


  • The park was named after Mahavir, a Jain saint, in commemoration of his 2500th birth anniversary in the year 1975. 
  • Once the Nizam's (former Hyderabadi rulers) hunting grounds, it is now home to the beautiful black bucks with their spiral horns along with several species of birds. 

  • The deer park maintained by the Forest Department, has an undulating terrain, of 189 hectares dominated by acacia trees and grasslands. 
  • The park looks picturesque in the monsoon with the golden and white flowers of these trees on the lush green carpet of grass. Besides Acacias, neem, Bauhinias, Buteas ( Flame of the forest) and a variety of thorny scrub species are found in this dry scrub forest.


  • Mahavira Harina Vanasthali is located in the outskirts of Hyderabad, on Hyderabad - Vijayawada road AT distance of about 15-km FROM Hyderabad. It is easily approachable from the city. 

  • The park is maintained by the Forest Department. Guided tours are available within the park.There is a shuttle service that take the tourists and visitors on guided tours, this also allows people to get up close to the blackbucks. 
  • There is an entry fee for people who wish to enter the park by van or by car. Visitors can also climb a tower to view the animals.