Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  • Bird Watching in Kondakarla is the one of the most excitng things to do. Come here you will have your binaculors used to the full potential. Birds coming from distant lands like siberia will treat you with the charm of their own.
  • A Boat ride in the lake will give you some of those exciting moments of your life that you will cherish for the life time. 
  • The fishermen use palm logs converted into canoes to ferry villagers across and take tourists on joy rides. The countrycraft can be tied together to provide more room for tourists who wish to go in groups.
  • About 2 km. away from Vadrapalli village is the ancient temple of Sri Dakshina Kasi Visweswara Swamy. The Shiva Linga here is the is the biggest crystal lingam in the world. This temple draws good crowds during the month of Karteekam


  • Cradled in the foothills of the Eastern Ghats is the beautiful lake of Konda Karla-Ava Situated at 50 Kilometer from Vizag on Sankaram (Buddhist Place)- Etikoppaka (Craft Village)- Kondakarla Ava Circuit, Kondakarla Ava is the second largest fresh water lake in the state.
  •  It has been recognised as Eco Tourism Destination.Best Visited During November - March when it attracts large number of Birds from all corners of the planet Kondakarla Ava is home to an array of flora and fauna. 
  • As Soon as you enter Kondakarla Ava The scenic beauty takes you over. The tranquil waters of a lake surrounded by coconut trees on one side and green hills all around provide a great escape from the air and sound pollution, which are so common in cities. 
  • A nature lover's paradise Little wonder it was a popular holiday resort of the Vizianagaram Maharajas and the British in the pre-Independence era. There are lot of activities that can keep you explore the land. here are some of the activities that you can get prepared for. 


  • From the harbor, you can take cruise for Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Owing to the reason, Ramakrishna Beach has also got the glare of publicity.

  •  The vast stretch of blue waters juxtaposes the sight of bustling activities of the city on the opposite side. In the evenings, the beach gets crowded with both young and old, having fun time on the sands. 
  • Though not much, there are enough water sports available at the shore. Since Ramakrishna Beach comprises a large part of the water's edge, it has got a huge area where different activities can take place simultaneously. 
  • You can take the local cruise to enjoy the sunset and sunrise amidst the tranquil waters. Apart from all this, you can take a ride in the traditional fishing boat by asking the fisher folk to arrange it for you. And for sure, Ramakrishna Beach would become an inseparable part of your most cherished memories.