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  • Famously called as Kapila Theertham, Sri Kapileshwara Swami Temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Siva located at the foot of Tirumala Hills.

  • It is situated about 3 km to the north of Tirupati, at the foot of the Tirumala Hills. 


  • Annual Brahmotsavams and festivals like Vinayaka Chaturthi, Mahasivaratri, Skanda Shasti and Annabhishekam are performed here with great pomp and splendour.

  • Lord Siva is the presiding deity of this temple and it is said to be the only Shiva temple amidst the Vaishnava temples. 
  • The Linga (incarnation of Lord Shiva) present in here was originally worshipped by Kapila Muni, a sage of Paatala Loka (under-world) and hence the place got its name as Kapila Teertham. 

  • There is a sacred waterfall located in this place, also called as Kapila Teertham or Alwar Teertham. 


  • The annual Brahmotsavam is celebrated in the month of Vaisakha every year. There is an annual float festival, called as Theppotsavam, celebrated every year. 

  • Other prominent festivals include, Rathasapthami, Tirumala Nambi Festival, Vedantha Desikar Utsavam and many others. 

  • To take part in some of the festivals or sevas (service), you have to purchase the tickets well in advance.  Special Darshan tickets are sold at Rs.5 and you can opt for it in order to avoid the long queue and waiting.


  •  The timing for sarva darshan are 9.30am to 12.30pm, 1.00pm to 6.00pm and 7.00pm to 8.45pm. A museum is also situated here.

  • The sub-temples in its premises are: 
               - Sri Parthasarathiswami Temple
            - Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple
               - Sri Andal Temple
       - Sri Salai Nachiyar Ammavari Temple
               - Sri Ramanuja Temple
               - Sri Vyasaraya Anjaneyaswami Temple                                      (Near Dwajasthambham)
               - Sri Tirumangai Alwar Temple.
                - Sri Kurath Alwar Temple
               - Sri Madhurakavi Alwar Temple
                - Sri Chakrathalwar Temple.
               - Sri Mudal Alwar Temple.
               - Sri Manavala Mahamuni Temple.
               - Sri Vedantha Desikar Temple.
               - Sri Woolu Alwar Temple.
               - Sri Anjaneyaswami Temple(Near outer .                  Bugga).
               - Sri Nammalwar Temple.
               - Sri Sanjeevarayaswami Temple      
(opposite the Hathiramjee Mutt) 
               - Sri Eduru Anjaneyaswamy Temple.


  • Sri Govindaraja Swami is considered to be the elder brother of Lord Balaji and His temple is one among the most important temples in Tirupati.

  • Govindaraja Swami temple has an imposing gopuram that can be visible even from a distance. The Lord is found with His consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama.

  •  The architecture of the temple is one of its kinds and is marvellously constructed. The entrance of the temple has a magnificent seven-storey Gopuram built in 1628 that can be seen even from a distance. 

  • To the left of the main Gopuram, is a temple dedicated to Goddess Laxmi who is seated on a lotus. 

  • There is also a shrine dedicated to Vedanta Desika, who was a great poet, devotee and philosopher and second great writer of Sri Vaishnava.

  • One interesting fact about the temple is that the celestial bath (Abhishekam) is not conducted with the presiding deity, as the deity, in the lying position, is made of clay.

  •  Rest all the festivals and functions in the shrine are similar to those conducted in the temple of Sri Venkateshwara at Tirumala.
  • According to the legends, this temple was consecrated by the great Vaishnava Preceptor, Saint Ramanujacharya, in 1130 AD. 

  • It is said that the temple had Sri Parthasaarthi (Lord Krishna as the charioteer of Arjuna) on the main altar but Sri Ramanujacharya added the deity of Sri Govindaraja Swami.