Sunday, March 20, 2011


  • Bheemunipatnam Beach is a peaceful and serene beach, situated along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh.
  •  Amidst the blue waters and tall coconut trees, this beach appears to be the perfect site for honeymooners. 
  • The sparkling sands that get soaked by the warm waves revive the childhood days, when kids make sand houses. 
  • The breathtaking beauty of Bhimunipatnam Beach cannot be bounded in mere words. 


  • Pavuralakonda or 'the hill of the pigeons' is a hillock lying to the west of Bhimli, at about 24 km from Vizag,where a Buddist site identified.

  •  During the course of exploration, nearly 14-16 rock-cut troughs or cisterns were found hewn into the bed rock used for collecting rainwater. Near the entrance of the tank were found Brahmini label inscriptions. 

  • Trial excavations in the habitation revealed foundations of viharas, with cells and common verandah, circular chaityagruhas, votive stupas, halls etc. associated with the structures were found Satavahana coins, a Roman coin, inscribed pot shreds, besides black and red ware, black polished ware, beads etc. Based on the above cultural material and epigraphical source, the site can be dated between 3rd B.C. and 2nd A.D. 

  • A dislodged small empty copper casket, in two parts, i.e. the upper lid and the lower container, was recovered while exposing the votive stupa No. 1 situated near the tank. 

  • The river Gosthani which flows nearby Pavuralakonda served as navigation canal for inland trade in the early centuries of the Christian era. 


  • Lawson's Bay beach, also called as Pedawaltair beach, a calm serene and secluded cute beach with lusting greenery and golden sands is located close to Ramakrishna beach in the way to Kailasagiri Mount from Visakhapatnam.


  •  A beautiful beach and the vast blue sea that falls on the way to Kailasagiri Hill, Lawson's Bay is an ideal spot for sea bathing and surfing. An enchanting stretch of golden sands, blue sea and green palms. You can even swim a few laps, as the water current is quite low.