Monday, April 4, 2011


MIRACLE: TOURISM IN INDIA: UNDAVALLI CAVES ,VIJAYAWADA,ANDHRA PRADESH: "The caves of Undavalli provides the finest example of the rock cut architecture of the Buddhists in India. The most st..."


  • Kondapalli, an industrial town near Vijaywada is best known for the famous monument of the Kondapalli fort. Also referred to as the Kondapalli Quila, this historic fort is located on the main hill range known as Kodapalli in the Krishna district

  • The ruins of the former citadel of the Kondapalli fort stand high over the walled enclosure of the old city, which is now overgrown. The fort was built in 1360 by the rulers of the Reddy Dynasty of Kondavid. Over the years it was the site of a number of wars of conquest and power among different dynasties. The fort was seized by the Bahmani king Humayun the Cruel in 1458 and it was fiercely contested for over two and a half centuries. 

  • After having been under the control of the Bahmani Kingdom for a while, it went on to be occupied by the rulers of the Gajapati district of Orissa followed by Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire, and from then on it fell into the hands of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. In 1687 it surrendered to the emperor Aurangzeb. On 10 March 1766 it was stormed and taken from the Nizam by the British under General Caillaud. 


  • Besides admiring the architectural beauty of the Undavalli caves tourists can explore the nearby area around the Undavalli caves. 

  • When you reach at the top of the cave you get the finest view of the agricultural environment. You can kill time picking alongside the Krishna river. 

  • You can also take the leisure walk along the river and enchant with the local people. You may find children playing in the fields barefooted and their mothers working hard in the fields. 
  • Tourists can even take the boat ride in the river enjoying the surrounding beauty. After that you can even have lunch with the local villagers in the fields. 


  • The caves of Undavalli provides the finest example of the rock cut architecture of the Buddhists in India. The most striking feature of the Undavalli cave is the 5 meter long statue of the Lord Buddha in the reclining position.

  •  Another major attraction of the cave is the sculpture of the Lord Vishnu, which is made out of the single granite block.

  • As the climate is warm in the summers tourists are recommended to wear the light cotton clothes to escape from the summer heat. Do not forget to carry the water bottles along with yourself. You may take help from the tour guide in order to fully explore the area and to know about its historical importance. 

  • In winters the temperature is cool and pleasant. The ideal time to plan out the holiday trip to the Undavalli caves lies between the month of October and February.