Thursday, March 24, 2011


  • Rishikonda Beach is situated about 8 km away from the Vishkhapatnam city. Ramkrishna Beach is also very close to this place. 
  • It offers a magnificent sight of the tranquil water and the azure sky. The sun kissed sea of the Rishikonda Beach is the perfect place for the swimmers. 
  • On the day of Holi this beach offers a colorful and lively sight to the tourists. On this day local people gather here for celebration, smearing the beach with the colors of Holi.



  • Rishikonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the beach attracts many tourists all the year round. 
  • This beach is more suitable for those who enjoy water sports. It is the right place for water skiers and wind surfers. 
  • The golden sand of Rishikonda Beach makes it a perfect destination for those who love bathing in the sun. 


  • Visakhapatnam is about 60 km away. The RTC operates one bus from Gajuwaka to Vadrapalli village everyday. 

  • There are no direct buses to Kondakarla. However, there are 16 buses plying from Anakapalle to Chuchukonda,which is about 10 kms. away from Anakapalle and two kms. away from Kondakarla village. 
  • Autorickshaws can be hired from Chuchukonda.The best option is to make your own arrangements.The four-lane National Highway (NH-5) .
  • There are no lodges or hotels in the vicinity of the lake except a guesthouse which was constructed during the British time at Kondakarla village.

  •  The Tourism Department has recently identified a few houses in the village that provide paying guest accommodation to tourists.Best time to visit is between November and February when migratory birds visit the lake in large numbers.