Sunday, March 6, 2011


  • Famously called as Kapila Theertham, Sri Kapileshwara Swami Temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Siva located at the foot of Tirumala Hills.

  • It is situated about 3 km to the north of Tirupati, at the foot of the Tirumala Hills. 


  • Annual Brahmotsavams and festivals like Vinayaka Chaturthi, Mahasivaratri, Skanda Shasti and Annabhishekam are performed here with great pomp and splendour.

  • Lord Siva is the presiding deity of this temple and it is said to be the only Shiva temple amidst the Vaishnava temples. 
  • The Linga (incarnation of Lord Shiva) present in here was originally worshipped by Kapila Muni, a sage of Paatala Loka (under-world) and hence the place got its name as Kapila Teertham. 

  • There is a sacred waterfall located in this place, also called as Kapila Teertham or Alwar Teertham. 

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