Saturday, February 26, 2011


  • But the thing that lures people at the Hussain Sagar Lake is literally and symbolically is the massive Buddha statue that stands majestically in the middle of this placid lake. 
  • The 16 meter tall, 350-tonne monolithic gigantic sculpture rises high from the calm waters of the scenic Hussain Sagar Lake. 
  • The statue is entirely made of white granite, finely sculpted and stands grandly on a wide dais amidst the glistening waters of the lake.
  • From the southern side, the lower Tank Bund road is heralded by the famous and very popular Katta Maisamma temple and close to it is the sprawling green lung, the Indira Gandhi Park.
  •  A new artery known as the Necklace Road links Lumbini park in Hyderabad with the Sanjeeviah park in Secunderabad. But the centre of attraction literally and figuratively is the monolith Buddha statue in the middle of the ancient lake.  


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