Saturday, February 12, 2011


 PAIGAH TOMBS(contd..)

  • The Paigah tombs, though a recent discovery, date back to the late eighteenth century and embody unparalleled grace and elegance in marble.

  • Though these stunning tombs are strewn over 30-40 acres, tombs of the Paigahas who had married daughters of the Nizams and their spouses are confined to a two-acre site. It is this enclosure which is now known as Paigah tombs.
  • The Paigah nobles were very close to the Nizams and very powerful and influential, taking care of the security and defence of the state.

  • The bonds between the Nizams and the Paigah nobility strengthened with the marriage of Fakhr-ud- din Khan with the daughter of the second Nizam. Fakr-ud-din’s descendants married daughters of other Nizams and consequently, in protocol, the Paigahs were considered next only to the Nizams.

  • The tombs are a series of mausoleums built for these Paigahs and immediate members of their families. These structures are specimens of remarkable artistry showing itself off in exquisite inlaid msaic work. 


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