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  •  Taramati Baradari is a palace located near Gandipet lake, that was built under the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah, the Seventh Sultan of Golkonda as an ode to his favorite courtesan, Taramati. The baradari with 12 doorways were to allow cross ventilation, considered to be the most ingenious technique at the time. Similar structures like Premavati and Bhagmati can be seen from here.This historical monument is located at Ibrahim bagh.

  • Taramati Baradari was a sarai (a caravan station for traders and travelers) as part of Ibrahim Bagh, a Persian styled garden built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, the second Sultan of Golconda of Golconda.

  •  The Baradari was constructed on the banks of the Musi river. Today, the region comes under the city limits of Hyderabad, India. According to contemporary folklore, the tourism department attributes the name to the reign of the Seventh Sultan of Golconda, Abdullah Qutb Shah who as an ode to his favorite courtesan, Taramati, is said to have christened the sarai as Taramati Baradari.

  • The tourism department promotes the location by romantic stories linking the then Sultan with a courtesan by the name Taramati. One such story goes on to state that during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah, he used to hear Taramati’s voice as she sung for travelers at the serai, while he sat two kilometers away at Golconda fort. Her melodious voice would be carried by the breeze, reaching the prince’s ear at the fort, because of the acoustics model. There is no recorded report of the same though.

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