Friday, March 4, 2011


  • The Ramoji Film City is located about 35 kilometers from the Hyderabad city. The studio lives upto its name of a "city" as it is spread over a vast area of around 3000 acres. 

  • You feel as if you have entered a new city all together with hills, gardens, lakes, and at the same time flanked with spotless modern buildings. 

  • The Ramoji Film City doubles both as a tourist attraction and major film-making facility. 

  • The city looks like the product of an alliance between the famous magician P.C. Sorkar and Vishwakarma, the God of Architecture and Engineering. It is India's answer to the Universal Studios in Hollywood, in every aspect. 
  • It is a place where realism obtains all the traits of enchantment and inconceivable.
  • Today, it is the filmmakers' first choice as it is a single-window, press-button facility that opens up an unlimited arena of creativity for every major and minor aspect of film production.

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