Monday, March 14, 2011


  • Its altitude is 138 mt. A small area of about 40 acres flat-terraced land, which is filled with Buddhist occupancy. 

  • It is said that Buddhist monasteries flourished here during the period of 3rd Century B.C. and 3rd Century A.D. Bavikonda is left with a Buddhist compound where about 26 structures in three phases can be evidently seen. 

  • It is said that one can trace the existence of Buddhism with its earthly remains of a bone piece piled within an urn. 
  • The artifacts recovered here include Roman coins and satavahana coins apart from pottery dating back to 3rd century BC and 2nd Century A.D. 

  • Excavations on the hill-top brought to light an extensive Buddhist establishment consisting of a Mahachaitya, stupas, chaityagrihas, a congregation hall, platforms, viharas, kitchen-cum-store complex, pottery, relic caskets, tiles, stuccos, iron objects, moulded bricks, coins etc.  

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