Friday, March 18, 2011


  • One of the troughs at the top of the hill still holding water in the all the seasons and never went dry in past many years. Probably the Telugu name Thotlakonda is derived from the Thotti ( tub ) and Konda ( hills ) names. 
  • The old refractory of Hinayana culture gives examples of maritime trade during the period. Monks visiting this Buddhist school from far places like China, Burma and other countries came through the sea rout and used to stay here for months and year before completing their study.
  • The eagle shaped hill top gives a panoramic view of the sea and the curved cost line. This was one of the ideal spot for the Buddhist monks to establish a monastery here. 
  • The proximity of other Buddhist site nearby like Bavikonda, Sankaram and some other places has made Vizag as one of the Buddhist heritage destination place. 

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