Friday, March 11, 2011


  • The outer walls and the four gopurams were constructed in the period of Sri Veera Narasimharayar in twelfth century.

  •  The 120 feet (37 m) high main gopuram and the 100 pillar mandapam were constructed by Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara king in 1516. Mr.Ramanathan Nattukkottai Chettiyar of Devakkottai, developed the structure as it is today by spending one million dollars in 1912.

  • There is a lamp inside the inner sanctum that is constantly flickering despite the lack of air movement inside. 

  • The air-linga can be observed to move even when the priests close off the entrance to the main deity room, which does not have any windows. 
  • One can see the flames on several ghee lamps flicker as if blown by moving air. The linga is white and is considered Swayambhu, or self-manifested. 

  • Kalahasti is surrounded by two sacred hills. The Durgamba temple is on the northern hill. On the south hill there is the shrine of Kannabeswara, in memory of the Sage Kannappa, who offered his eyes to the Lord. 

  • There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya on one of the surrounding hills.
  • The main linga is untouched by human hands, even by the priest. Abhisheka (bathing) is done by pouring a mixture of water, milk, camphor, and panchamrita. Sandal paste, flowers and the sacred thread are offered to the utsava-murti, not the main linga. 

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