Tuesday, March 8, 2011


  • On the wall, on either side of entrance, leading into the interior of the Maha Mandapam, there is an emblem of the Vijayanagara. 

  • The mukha mandapam has four pillars with three square blocks and two octagonal shafts in between. 

  • There are beautiful sculptures of Laxmi Narayana, Vishnu, Yoga Narasimha and Lord Krishna on them.
  • The vimana above the garbha griha is of dvitala type and the sikhara is round belonging to Versara order.

  •  There is a single kalasa above the sikhara. The presiding deity is of Lord Rama in the garbhagriha, made of stone with Sri Rama in the centre, Sita and Lakshmana on His right and left side respectively.  


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