Friday, February 25, 2011


  • Spread over 63 acres, the rock formation surrounding the lake has been aesthetically illuminated, with quaint waterfalls, an interesting rock garden, and a beautiful floating fountain. Comfortable seating arrangements, a 2km walkway, a green belt and a coffee shop under a huge rock on the eastern side of the lake add an elegant touch to a harsh landscape.
  •  The towering boulders glow eerily with subdued lighting. The lake is separated from a dance floor by a picket fence.  

  •  The sledge hammer music, Popular DJs and ethereal ambience makes the Secret Lake more enchanting.

  •  Durgam Cheruvu lake in Hyderabad also provides the facilities of boating on its waters. You can take a pedal boat and move around the waters for 1 hour by paying up only 120 bucks – provided you can brave the Hyderabadi sun. 
  •  There are other rides also available for nominal prices in mechanized boats and also in putty boats.

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