Friday, February 25, 2011



  •        Picnic at Osman Sagar lake -The pristine lake is the most sought after picnic spot among the locals in Hyderabad. Tourists coming to visit the Osman Sagar Lake can indulge themselves in the nature walk and can enjoy the soothing breeze of the environment. 
  • The lake is good hang out for the people of all age. Picnickers are seen here enjoying all day, playing cards and anthakshri (singing songs), trying out various sports and the oldies taking a leisure walk around the lake.

  •  Ocean Park :Located at the Osman Sagar Lake, Ocean Park is the first theme park of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is situated in the 20 acres of landscape garden and quite popular among the Children and couples. It is the family amusement park with the numerous water sports and amusement games. It has a separate section for the kids and the separate section for the adults. The main attractions of the park are the toy train, helicopters, huge air filled filled balloons, video games for the kids and tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster for the adults.

  • Treasure Island -Another major attractions around the Lake is the Treasure Island. It is located on the 60 acres of landscape area at the Osman Sagar Lake. It enchants the tourists with the amazing landscapes and romantic pool-sides. Tourists can also go for the camel ride and enjoy the various adventure sports.

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