Thursday, February 10, 2011



·         There are the mausoleums of Kulthoom, Muhammed Qutub Shahi’s granddaughter born of the son of the Sultan's favourite wife Khurshid Bibi, her (Kulthoom's) husband and daughter. Kulthoom's Tomb is on the west of this cluster.

·         The twin-tombs of the two favourite hakims (physicians) of Sultan Abdullah-Nizamuddin Ahmed Gilani and Abdul Jabbar Gilani - were built in 1651. They are among the few Qutub Shahi tombs that are not of royalty.

·         Another pair of tombs are those of Premamati and Taramati who were one of the favourite courtesans of Sultan Abdullah Shah were laid to rest beside the tomb of their patron. One other tomb which is not that of a Qutub Shahi family member is the tomb of Neknam Khan. Neknam Khan, who served in Abdullah's army, was the commander-in-chief of the Carnatic. His tomb is situated on a platform outside the mausoleum of Ibrahim Qutub Shah. It was built in 1672, two years after the death of Nekam Khan.

·         The mausoleum which Abdul Hasan, the last Qutub Shahi Sultan, began building for himself, actually houses the grave of Mir Ahmed, the son of Sultan Abdullah's son-in-law and the sister of Abbas II Safair, the Shah of Persia.

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