Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  • The KONDAPALLI FORT has served a number of different purposes at different points in time. Though originally built as a recreational House for the Kings, later it went on to develop into a thriving business centre. Its last known use was as a training base for the British rulers. 

  • Also worth a mention here is the Dargah of Garib sahib, a renowned Persian Saint. It lies at a close distance from the Kondapalli fort. 

  • Thus, lies the formidable hill fort of Kondapalli, a majestic structure commanding the skyline of the Kondapalli hill range. The Archaeological department of Andhra Pradesh has undertaken a number of projects for the renovation and restoration of the fort and the various structures located within it. 

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Nick Halden said...

Really amazing place to explore . I was there last year and the beauty of the place is really stunning. I always ready for a trip to Vijaywada since there are a lot of places to visit in Vijayawada that one could enjoy.