Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  • A path leads to the great reservoir, which is of immense depth and very cold. A spring surrounds the reservoir. Several bathrooms have stone pipes and cisterns. 

  • There are numerous other water tanks in the fort area which usually go dry during the winter months. Beyond the reservoir is the granary, a massive stone building with high arches and receptacles for grain. Behind this lie the magazines. 

  • An old English barrack and burial ground are also found within the walls. The barrack has eight large rooms apart from a building at the annex. In addition, there are several buildings standing within the fort which are now in ruins. 

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Nick Halden said...

Built by Prolaya Vema Reddy of Kondavid for his business and pleasure, the Kondapalli Fort later served as a military fortification for the British. It has three successive imposing entrance gates. The main one is built out of a size block of granite and is called 'Dargha Darwaza'. Truly amazing place to explore. Here are a few more places to visit in Vijayawada that you should check out before planning your trip.